Luxury Lodge Home Living, Cedar Homes of Washington Style!

Enjoy The Beauty of a Log Home,
Without The Settling Hassles

Thank you for your interest in our custom cedar homes! Our cedar homes are unique in the log home industry because we use decorative grade laminated cedar wall timbers. The laminating process eliminates much of the core moisture and allows for fast wall assembly - without the excessive settling that can happen in traditional log homes.

Our timber walls require only 1" of space above doors and windows (just like a conventionally-framed home). A handcrafted log home can require anywhere from 6-8" of space above doors and windows - to allow for settling. Our construction system requires no adjustments for seasonal expansion and contraction. With our laminated wood wall system, our customers enjoy all the beauty of natural wood without the hassles!

What Our Clients Are Saying...

"The Best Place Possible"

It is our hope that this letter will ease your mind that you have found the best place possible to start the exciting journey of building your cedar home.

While driving in North Bend, WA in the summer of 2004, we passed a charming small log home. The owner of this home noticed our interest and invited us to see her home. She was quite proud of it and was used to the attention it received from passersby. She gave us the name and number for Mike and Judy Flanagan (Cedar Homes of Washington).

After meeting with Mike and Judy at their beautiful home, our expectations that they were indeed honest, decent people to work with- were met. We are now nearing completion of our home, and in reality, Mike and Judy's job with us is done. They could move on with other projects. Yet, they still check in with us and will continue to do so until we are complete.

In the course of building our home, we found two big advantages in choosing Cedar Homes of Washington. First, when filing the permit, Mike was there. Mike stayed with us the whole day, answering questions from the building department, enabling us to get our plans submitted in one day. The process would've taken days (and many trips) to and from to finalize this step of the process (if we did this one our own). The second advantage was, if you were to buy a package directly from Pan Abode, or perhaps another dealer, your home package would be literally dropped at your site for you to handle. Mike and Judy were right there at the drop-off, overseeing the placement of all materials, taking inventory of all materials and making sure any discrepancies were rectified.

-- Bob and Laurie Jensen