Luxury Lodge Home Living, Cedar Homes of Washington Style!

Enjoy The Beauty of a Log Home,
Without The Settling Hassles

Thank you for your interest in our custom cedar homes! Our cedar homes are unique in the log home industry because we use decorative grade laminated cedar wall timbers. The laminating process eliminates much of the core moisture and allows for fast wall assembly - without the excessive settling that can happen in traditional log homes.

Our timber walls require only 1" of space above doors and windows (just like a conventionally-framed home). A handcrafted log home can require anywhere from 6-8" of space above doors and windows - to allow for settling. Our construction system requires no adjustments for seasonal expansion and contraction. With our laminated wood wall system, our customers enjoy all the beauty of natural wood without the hassles!

What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Invaluable Advice"

Years after Cedar Homes of Washington received my last payment, they continue to provide me with invaluable design and finishing advice. They have always been eager to help and really took an interest in me and my project. They have done a fantastic job and continue to give excellent customer service and support.

-- Gordon Moll