How to Save Money When You Build

Design for Efficiency
Consider Project Managing

You can save thousands of dollars by organizing your own project and selecting your own sub contractors. Our project manager program includes organizational tools, personalized building timeline, subcontractor and homeowner references.

Be Aware of Property Issues

Property issues can generate more paperwork for you and the building department. More paperwork generally translates into more fees for the homeowner. A few common issues to watch out for are:

Save on Mitigation Fees

Some jurisdictions assess road and school mitigation fees on unimproved property. If you haven’t yet bought property, consider a lot with an old mobile home on it. The property already has a driveway, septic and water – and is not considered “unimproved”. Many of our homeowners will buy the old mobile home, build their new cedar home – and then have the mobile hauled away.

Work with your builder

Do not be afraid of taking on some of the work on your own, a lot of builders are happy with the clients coming to the site to take on projects that they wish to do. A lot of our clientele will take on the staining of materials, interior trim installation, Decking installation, and many more small projects. Our trim packages are decided for easy application, and do not consist of difficult crown molding types of finishes. We also supply a “Construction Manual” specifically designed for our home packages, with each home package that we send out.